First of all, congratulations on your engagement!

An exciting time full of many decisions and challenges awaits you! That is why we are glad that you have become interested in our agency and decided to check what we can do for you to plan your special day as simply and stress-free as possible. All so that you can enjoy your happily ever after…

Wedding in sunny Tuscany, by the Polish sea or in an elegant palace … – we will do everything in our power to make your vision come true. It’s not difficult for us!

The organization of each individual event is a challenge for us, which we will take up with great pleasure and passion.

What is the cooperation with a wedding consultant?

It can be said that the work of a wedding planner consists of three aspects – planning, organizing and coordinating. However, in fact, behind these three words there is a very long list of tasks, tens (or even hundreds!) of hours of work, in search of the most professional subcontractors, magical places, the most beautiful decorations and much more. While we implement the jointly agreed action plan, you can fully focus on celebrating the engagement. In addition to peace of mind, you benefit from our extensive experience and cooperation with proven subcontractors.

Our projects

Ada & Michele


A rustic Polish-Italian wedding

Sandra & Harry


Bollywood by the Polish seaside

Maja & Mattia


Moroccan elegance

Bachelorette party


Picnic with friends on the beach in Sopot

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